You’ve already gone to the doctor’s office, hospital, or urgent care once. Why should you have to carve out space in your schedule to go back to a medical location for follow-ups? To ensure you can get continual health care in the most convenient way possible,Morteza Mirkarimi, MD and the exceptional team at The Doctors Office & Walk-In Clinic in the Clairemont neighborhood of San Diego, California offer telehealth follow-ups to patients throughout San Diego, California. To learn more about these virtual appointments, call The Doctors Office & Walk-In Clinic or make your appointment online today.

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What are telehealth follow-ups?

The Doctors Office & Walk-In Clinic team offers follow-ups via video call. From any device that has a camera and an internet connection, you can connect with one of their health experts. This way, you can get the ongoing care you need without the inconvenience of driving to a doctor’s office and sitting in a waiting room. 

These virtual follow-ups help you when you’ve recently had a doctor’s appointment or visited the hospital or urgent care. After your initial health visit, you may have been prescribed treatment or told to monitor certain symptoms. That puts you on the path to protect your health, but you shouldn’t have to walk that road without support. With telehealth follow-ups, The Doctors Office & Walk-In Clinic team makes it easy for you to get the regular health care guidance you need for the best outcomes over time. 

How do telehealth follow-ups work?

If you’re interested in meeting with aThe Doctors Office & Walk-In Clinic provider as a follow-up to a recent health care visit, all you have to do is call the office or schedule your appointment online. Then, at your appointment start time, be ready in front of your phone, computer, or tablet. The Doctors Office & Walk-In Clinic provider joins a video call with you at that time.

During your video call, you have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your health or prescribed treatment. If you have any visible symptoms, you can show them to The Doctors Office & Walk-In Clinic provider on the call. You also discuss how you’ve been feeling so The Doctors Office & Walk-In Clinicprovider can guide your treatment in the way that’s best for you. 

Do I need an in-person appointment before I can use telehealth follow-ups?

No, The Doctors Office & Walk-In Clinic offers their follow-ups after a visit with any health care professional, not just the members of their team. 

In fact, The Doctors Office & Walk-In Clinic is a groundbreaking, virtual-focused health care provider. Their goal is to give you the most convenient access possible to the care you need. They aim to break down obstacles that stand in the way of people regularly meeting with their health care providers so they can get easy access to continual, comfortable care. 

Get started with telehealthcare by calling The Doctors Office & Walk-In Clinic or scheduling your follow-up appointment online today.